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The purpose of the Awards for Excellence Program is to identify projects that have achieved outstanding results through good planning, well-conceived goals, and effective solutions, to share models of performance with the SUNYCUAD membership, and to reward institutions and individuals for their singular achievements.

Please remember, winners are based on meeting stated objectives and goals NOT the size of the institution.

All entries must include a brief abstract (maximum of two pages) outlining a concise description of the program; goals and objectives; resources, including budget and staffing; audience; and well-documented results.

Please open a category for details and submission information.

Excellence in Campaigns

The Excellence in Campaigns category recognizes well planned, executed, and assessed marketing, communications, and development campaigns. These campaigns will be judged on how well they met overall goals and objectives as initially outlined. Submissions must include multi-tactic campaigns. Examples of tactic areas include digital, print, and guerilla. Campaigns must be planned and organized by college employees. External resources may be submitted but at least half of the campaign tactics must be developed in-house.


  1. Advertising Campaign
  2. Alumni Relations Campaign
  3. Current Student Campaign
  4. Development or Fundraising Campaign
  5. Event Campaign
  6. Government or Community Relations Campaign
  7. Internal Communications Campaign
  8. Media Relations Campaign
  9. Student Recruitment Campaign

Excellence in Print and Design

The Excellence in Print and Design category recognizes well executed and thought out media. Judging will be based on how well a piece meets its stated goals and objectives, overall design and layout (including but not limited to writing, typography, use of color, photography/illustration, format, and printing quality), and appeal to the target audience. All entries in this category must be designed by someone on the college staff. Entries can be printed through an external agency.

  1. Digital Ads
  2. Logo Design
  3. Magazines
  4. Multi-Page Publications
  5. Single-Page Publications (may have multiple folds)
  6. Student Recruitment Materials

**Do not include staff salaries or postage in calculating costs.
**Note: Magazines must be published two or more times a year and sent to alumni and other external audiences.

Excellence in Digital Marketing

The Excellence in Digital Marketing category recognizes programs, projects, and initiatives utilizing digital communications. Pieces will be judged based on how well they meet the stated goals and objectives. All entries in this category must be created and executed by college staff.

  1. Blog
  2. Mobile App
  3. Social Media
  4. Video

Excellence in Event Planning

The Excellence in Event Planning category recognizes events that demonstrate good planning, careful budgeting, use of available resources, and the programs impact on the institution. All submissions must be planned in-house but can include the use of outside vendors.

  1. Alumni and Affinity Events
  2. Fundraising Events
  3. Other Special Events

Excellence in Marketing and Communications on a Budget

The Excellence in Marketing and Communications on a Budget category recognizes low-cost work done with a limited or non-existent budget. The category will be judged based on the effectiveness of meeting stated goals and objectives, quality of the work, and the effectiveness to cost ratio. Salaries are not to be included as part of the cost.

  1. App Development
  2. Social Media Campaign
  3. Special Events (Series)
  4. Special Events (Stand-alone)
  5. Videos

Excellence in Photography

The Excellence in Photography category recognizes outstanding work that has appeared in an institutional project or has been used for an institutional purpose such as an exhibition or advertising. Black-and-white or color photographs may be entered.

  1. Best Photo (one photo)
  2. Excellence in Photography (Photo series)

Excellence in Websites

The Excellence in Websites Category recognizes the best in web design and content. All submissions must be managed through in-house staff but can include external consultants. Changes and updates to websites or web pages must have been made within the past academic year.

  1. Microsite
  2. Overall Website
  3. Web Design

Excellence in Writing

The Excellence in Writing Category awards will be given to the best full- or part-time staff-written items. Staff must be on the payroll.

  1. Feature Writing
  2. News Writing