Ways to get involved

October 6, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

When I reflect on the value that SUNYCUAD has given me, it all comes down to the conversations. Through this organization I’ve been introduced to individuals from nearly every SUNY campus, and each and every conversation has expanded my network and given me a broader perspective than I was ever able to develop within the walls of my own institution.  

SUNYCUAD is more than an annual conference, and it is certainly more than a board of directors. SUNYCUAD is a vibrant community of advancement professionals actively engaged in promoting one of the world’s largest public university systems. The collaborations that have been fostered between campuses as a result of our organization’s many networking opportunities are too many to list, and – as Sinatra said – the best is yet to come!

How can you get the most out of SUNYCUAD? Take advantage of opportunities to network with colleagues throughout the system, such as the upcoming reception in Buffalo on Oct. 20 and the reception in Albany Jan. 12. Join the SUNYCUAD LinkedIn Group and follow @SUNYCUAD on Twitter to be a part of the conversation and share new ideas. Register for webinars offered through SUNY’s Professional Development Institute to educate and energize yourself and your staff. And of course, please plan to join us June 3-5 for the annual SUNYCUAD conference in Rochester.

Ultimately SUNYCUAD is yours. I encourage you to get involved and contact me with your own ideas about how the organization can best serve your needs and promote professional development on your campus. I can honestly say I look forward to the conversation. 

With warm regards,


Daniel E. Doyle

Senior Director of Annual Giving, University at Albany

President, SUNYCUAD Board of Directors