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Annual Conference

Don’t miss the 2020 SUNYCUAD Unconference – Uncommonly Informative – Join us online September 24-25

Develop Your Vision SUNYCUAD Conference 2021 June 7-9 Hyatt Regency, Rochester

June 7-9, 2021 Rochester, NY

Though the 2020 SUNYCUAD educational conference was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce that the 2021 conference will take place on June 7-9 and remain at the Hyatt Regency Rochester. Please save the date!

Higher Ed is changing at a rapid pace. Colleges and universities are evolving constantly, considering new strategies, partnerships and delivery methods to remain competitive.

To do this, they’re shattering paradigms. Redefining roles.  Developing visions.

SUNYCUAD invites you to its annual conference in the city known for its “visionary” innovations. From pioneering advances in photography, eye care and photocopying, to activists like Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, Rochester has consistently shown the world norms to be challenged and new paths to follow.

Join us in June 2021 as we continue to inform and inspire our advancement colleagues at the Hyatt Regency Rochester, along the mighty Genesee River. Learn from national experts and accomplished business leaders as they share their experiences as change agents. Discover new solutions, best practices and ways of thinking! After three “forward-looking” days, you’ll be ready to help your campus sharpen its focus, too.

SEE you in Rochester!


Annual Conference Schedule

Coming soon: Full schedule of SUNYCUAD’s Annual Conference in Rochester, NY.

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Conference Presentations

Each presenter will be sharing their specialities and ideas; from Web Accessibility to Marketing Inclusiveness and more.


Becoming a Sponsor

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