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News: A Message from SUNYCUAD President Dan Doyle

News: A Message from SUNYCUAD President Dan Doyle

SUNYCUAD’s Best-kept Secret

Serving on the SUNYCUAD board gives you a unique insight into our organization. You quickly come to realize that it is, as I often say, so much more than the annual educational conference. You get to learn the history, get a peek at the strategies and finances, and you learn some interesting secrets. So what is SUNYCUAD’s best-kept secret?

SUNYCUAD’s best-kept secret is you.

Now, before you roll your eyes and close out of this, hear me out. If you’ve read this far, you most likely already have some understanding of what SUNYCUAD brings to the table. The collective impact of colleagues coming together from throughout the SUNY system to learn, collaborate and share best practices is something that continues to astonish me. What many don’t realize is that SUNYCUAD exists and thrives solely through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

As the board considers how we can best serve the membership, one theme consistently emerges as the priority: professional development. SUNY is unlike any other educational entity, and SUNYCUAD is uniquely positioned to provide the tools and opportunities needed for SUNY advancement professionals to be successful. The strength of these efforts is entirely dependent on the willingness members just like you to share their time, effort and knowledge.

Take advantage of SUNYCUAD’s many professional development and networking opportunities, such as the November 4th webinar on measuring SUNY alumni engagement detailed in this issue of DIRECT. If you’re at a point in your career where you feel you no longer need the type of professional development SUNYCUAD provides, I strongly urge you to consider what you have to offer others. Think about presenting at the 2016 conference in Cooperstown, or attending one of our many receptions to share your experiences and expertise with SUNY colleagues. Spread the word to those new to your campus who stand to benefit most from networking opportunities, and consider becoming a mentor. However you choose to contribute, I promise you will benefit and grow professionally in the process.

As always, I encourage you be a part of the SUNYCUAD conversation via social media by following us on Twitter and joining the SUNYCUAD LinkedIn group. Get involved today and make SUNYCUAD what you want it to be. Thank you, and cheers to a healthy and happy fall season.

With warm regards,

Daniel E. Doyle, Senior Director of Annual Giving, University at Albany
President, SUNYCUAD Board of Directors