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News: A Message from SUNYCUAD’s New President

News: A Message from SUNYCUAD’s New President

Dear Colleagues,

As I begin my tenure as president of SUNYCUAD, I want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Amy Kremenek, our outgoing president. During her presidency, Amy was intent on ensuring substantial member benefits. Toward that end, she oversaw membership restructuring efforts which included enhanced database management. The campuses can now easily update their information on a much more regular basis, ensuring that our membership list remains as current as possible.

With an up-to-date database, communication among the membership becomes much more effective.  One of the enhancements allows us to segment mailings to specific professional areas.  For instance, as we learn more about the latest fundraising techniques, alumni practices or social media, we can disseminate that information to our colleagues who have a professional interest in those areas. We also will be able to encourage the membership to do the same.

This coming academic year, SUNYCUAD will be focusing much more on membership services and engagement. We all benefit when information is easily exchanged, disseminated and strategic. The SUNYCUAD board of directors discussed many of these issues at our August 2013 retreat. I’d like to share the board’s agenda with you and strongly encourage you and all SUNYCUAD members to reach out to me or any member of the board with suggestions and feedback.

Here are just a few items the board considered during the retreat:

  • Possible topics for a fall 2013 workshop
  • Next steps in the board’s strategic visioning
  • 2014 conference planning
  • SUNY advancement plans and SUNYCUAD integration
  • Social media expansion and volunteer recruitment
  • SUNY sustainability efforts — How can SUNYCUAD be involved?
  • Start Up NY (formerly Tax Free zones) — How can SUNYCUAD be a resource to the membership?
  • SUNY-wide alumni plan
  • Member benefit enhancements

And of course, we look forward to continuing our wonderful work with our friends and colleagues at the State University of New York. Chancellor Nancy Zimpher talks of “systemness” and it is our clear intent to promote that among the campuses and our colleagues.

So as we go forward, please stay in touch, tell us your thoughts and add to the conversation.

I wish you all good success in the coming academic year.

Maureen Winney


SUNY Council for University Advancement